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October 2011 - Dear Readers, I am pleased to announce the publication of my third novel, Blackburn Island. Set on the north shore of Lake Superior in 1917, this story is the follow-up to my 2006 publication ‘The Keeper’s Daughter’ and the second in the Thompson Cove trilogy.

When artist Karinna Sinclair returns to Blackburn Island, she must confront the difficulties of her past and decide whether she will give her love to Norwegian fisherman Nils Finnesgaard or return to her erstwhile fiancé in St. Paul. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Liam MacLann have their hands full operating Thompson Cove Lodge and raising four sons, all with the help of family and friends. When their security is threatened, they must take action to protect their friend, Allison, and her son, Garrett before lives and the lodge are lost to them forever.

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“Blackburn Island,” he said, looking southward past the peninsula where the island lay hidden from his sight.

          The island remained. Everything that had happened there had been real, had been true. The island was her, and he could not leave her.

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